Visit Graham

What can Visit Graham do for you?

Visit Graham is a close-knit group of friendly, enthusiastic, high-level professionals committed to making your event the best ever. Offering all-encompassing service for your group’s needs, we are here to help you at every step along the way.

Among its many areas of expertise, Visit Graham:

  • Encourages groups to hold meetings/events in the city
  • Provides promotional material to encourage attendance
  • Assists groups with meeting/event preparations
  • Establishes room blocks for hotels

Most importantly, Visit Graham serves as the official point of contact for meeting/event planners. Planning professionals have access to a range of services and value-added extras through the Visitor and Business Center.

What are some of the specific services that Visit Graham offers planners?

  • Unbiased information about services and facilities in Graham
  • Serve as a vast information database and a one-stop shop
  • Act as a liaison between the planner and the community
  • Help attendees maximize their free time through the creation of pre- and post-conference activities
  • Provide hotel room counts and meeting space statistics